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Yoga For Kids

Children benefit from Yoga just as much as adults!  They just learn a little differently. Rather than being taught strictly through poses, yoga practice is introduced through games and stories, which allows for fun during the learning process. Participants learn focus and balance, and become more in touch with their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Yoga also teaches equality, compassion, and awareness of others.  Allow your child to enjoy the benefits of Yoga!


CHILDREN'S YOGA CLASS: Email for times. Children ages 4-12.


Yoga Birthday Parties

A unique way to celebrate. Yoga Birthday Parties are up to 2 hours long and tailored to each group of up to 12 children. Activities are age appropriate and include props, music, yoga games, fun individual and partner poses, breathing exercises and a special calming relaxation time before leaving.

Call or email to schedule your child's party!